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What are the Disadvantages of Online Shopping?

Ever since the introduction of 3G 4G in World, smart phones have been on the rise, with the advent of smart phones, internet traffic has increased and various companies have taken online shopping on a new path.

To say that the number of online shopping websites in World is in the hundreds, but when it comes to quality, there is hardly any website that can be called world class. Let the world standard be good, even if it is good quality there is no website that is standard. There are only two to three such websites whose quality we can call something better. The name of these websites will come forward.

 Lack of Shopping Experience

The suggestion here is that if you want to do shopping then try 100% to avoid online shopping, go to the market, like something there, see the quality and price, compare it to different places, and then buy. Yes! If your life is so busy that there is no time to go to the market then shop online but try to buy from international websites. If things are high value, especially over fifteen thousand then you should definitely avoid local websites. And then go shopping in the market itself. Be it a mobile phone or a television, or any electronic device, always go and shop at the market.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Facebook is considered a great platform for online marketing, and many people think that because Facebook is a reliable and large website, it should be shown here. Advertising is also credible, but it is not. Just like Sundae Magazine has a color palette for Rs. 100, so are online shopping companies on Facebook. In my experience, marketing companies on Facebook are often a fix. It’s not that what you buy doesn’t get it; rather, what you buy is not the quality you are paying for. The biggest fraud is that sometimes you pay, but you don’t get it. These companies have no clue, no address is available, just a portion of the Google document page is in front of you, where you have to give the billing and shipping address, the rest you do not know which company Is? How is it and where is it? So my advice is to avoid advertising on Facebook and buy what you need on a standard website.

Different websites have some seals each week, but this is also a huge fraud. In fact, if something happens, first let’s assume the charger, the price of a wireless charger was first 1000 rupees, on the day of the sale, the original price will be 1500, now forty percent off on the cell, So that thing happened.

How to Select The Product.

Different websites have different prices for the same thing, first check everywhere, then compare the prices and move on.

Speaking of drawers, this website no longer sells items, but receives its commission on sale by advertising various trader’s goods. Traders who are buying things on this website, first look at their rating, but there is another problem with the rating on the drawers. If you try, give a product a two star rating or a star rating, your comment will not be accepted by the drawer. If you give five stars then the same will happen at the same time.

The next thing is shipping

So shipping is free in any city, especially, the rest of the cities have shipping charges of Rs 200. Shipping takes place at home and somewhere you have to go to the TCS or Leopard’s office to receive your own. For the things I asked for, I had to travel 15 km.

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